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A Busy Summer for Whatisadam!

 It's been a busy summer for local street artist Whatisadam... and the projects just keep rolling in! Stay tuned for more updates!

2017 Montréal Nouvelles murales Osheaga Galerie Station 16 Été Qu'est-ce que c'est WIA | 08/09/2017

Upcoming Exhibition: XRAY's Lost Paradise

Celebrate the end of a beautiful summer at Station 16 Gallery with LOST PARADISE, a solo exhibition by pop artist extraordinaire and muralist, XRAY. The exhibition will be on display from August 18th to September 10th.

Exposition Paradis perdu Galerie Station 16 Été Avant-première XRAY | 09/08/2016







Station 16 Gallery is proud to partner once again with Montreal's Mural Festival this June. As its third year running, the 2015 edition is shaping up to be a killer year. In addition to the world-class artists and DJs, the festival will include a line-up of documentaries and conferences, as well as a local market and an art fair. Not to mention, the festival has expanded from 4 to 11 days. Here's to two weeks of incredible art and summertime fun in Montreal.

Block Party Boulevard Saint-Laurent jeux kick Indemrk montreal mural fête des peintures murales saint-laurent galerie de la gare 16 street art été l'art urbain | 01/04/2015

Station 16 x M0851

mode fête de quartier galerie station 16 au cuir m0851 montreal poste 16 galerie de la gare 16 gare16 street art été Zilon laser de zilon | 22/08/2014