Killing it.

Station 16

It's hard to know what to expect when planning an outdoor event in Montreal, the weather here is a moody child, that could go in any direction. Luckily that never seems to sway our events, rain or shine, we kill it. It also helps to have your event hosted by Massivart, sounds provided by Saint-Woods and promoted by LNDMRK, Urbainia, CultMTL, NightLife Magazine, and Notable (just to name a few). This was our first BBQ/Art show, but definetly not our last. Check out more photos HERE from the event.  

For the next two weeks Antoine Tavaglione's pop-icons will fill our walls, so make sure you get a chance to see them, because that's just 14 days people! His new prints are now online, and will still be available even after his paintings come down (you can stop panicking now). 

Scoop! This sunday (July 28 from 2pm-6pm) we are also going to be doing some live printing at LNDMRK's latest event, a bloc party surrounding artist Jasper Wong, as he paints the latest installation at the YUL mural project (corner Lucien L'Allier et René Levesque). You can find out more about the event HERE, and be sure to drop by for music, drinks, art, and some silkscreen printing of course!