photo by photofil@flickr

Three Sisters. That is the title of LNY's newest mural, created during Mural Festival. When we were given a wall for Mural fest, we new we had to bring in New Jersey based artist LNY. We met LNY in New York two years ago, and had since created a silkscreen-print with him. Needless to say, we love LNY. Spend five minutes with him and you'll know why... he's fun, engaging and he may have been a wise-priest or alchemist in a past life, because he gives off this tone of wisdom...

photo by photofil@flickr

The Mural is based on corn, as a metaphor for Pan American unity. It's title references the ancient symbiotic relationship shared by corn, beans and squash - when grown together they supplement and benefit each other. This crop went on to support most of the Native American tribes from north to south. Corn itself unites us historically but has just as easily become a corrupted symbol - one that has been genetically modified to please market greed, immoral business practices and extreme capitalism while at the same time destroying third world economies and ecologies. "...So this mural talks about that conflict between our past and our present while at the same time being a portrait of my cousin, a member of a new generation that represents hope of change and understanding in a world of mixed heritage." - LNY

You can see the mural in person, it's located (along with 6 other Murals) right behind the Station16 Gallery, and can be accessed by the parking lot right beside the gallery. 

Check out more of LNY's work on our site or on location at the Gallery. 

3523 St-Laurent, Montreal QC.

LNDMRK (mural fest organizers)
3525 St-Laurent, Montreal QC.