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Mural Festival is now at an end, but the entire city of Montreal is still buzzing with disbelief from the events of this past weekend. For the last four days Saint-Laurent boulevard had a mob of art enthusiasts snapping pictures, throwing paint, dancing and drinking (besides the dozen or so art events and murals going on all around)! 

Included in the MURAL Festival lineup (though not all represented here) were A Squid Called Sebastion, A’Shop, Chris Dyer, Christina Angelina, En Masse, Escif, Fin and Christina, Gaia, Jason Botkin, Labrona, Le Bonnard, LNY, Omen, Other, Other (aka Troy Lovegates), Paria Crew, Phlegm, Pixel Pancho, Reka One, Ricardo Cavolo, ROA, Shantz Brothers, Stare, Stikki Peaches, Troy Lovegates, and Wzrds GNG, among others.

Station16 opened its NEW doors (3523 Saint-Laurent) on Friday June 14th (second day of the MURAL fest) on the Saint-Laurent boulevard. The new gallery space is showing the works of each of the Mural artists involved in the fest, along with our own collection of silkscreen prints. This show goes on until the first week of July, (at which point we will feature a new show) so come by and visit the first stop to the Mural fest tour.  

Needless to say, we and the LNDMRK organizers couldn't be happier with this years turn out (both in numbers and creative work!), having seen over 80 000 people! A very special thank you to MTL celebrity chef Danny Smiles for hosting over 1000 people at the Station16 Gallery opening night! 

Click the videos below for a brief re-cap of the Mural fest!

Jour 2 // Day 2 from MURAL on Vimeo.

Mural Festival 2013 (version courte / short version) from MURAL on Vimeo.

Above: a shot from outside the Station 16 Gallery (3523 Saint-Laurent) Tuesday - Friday 11-7pm & Saturday 11-5pm