Spartan TEE by Bandit-1SM.

We recently just finished this great t-shirt for the brand Bandit-1SM (by artist duo 123Klan). We actually do quite alot of t-shirt printing here at the Station 16 shop, and never actually blog about it, so I felt it was time for a little blog devoted to the TEE. 

Printing on any kind of fabric is just like printing on paper, although the setup and ink is a little different. Fabric is also a little more forgiving than paper printing, registration on paper needs to be much tighter. But besides that, we tend to give the same attention and knowledge to the work we do on t-shirts, as we do on paper. For instances, in the case of colour mixing we go through the same laborious steps of mixing and matching until we get it perfect. For the 'Spartan Tee' it was really important that we get the orange exactly matched, this is a signature colour for Bandit-1SM, so it can't be a shade off. It needs to be perfect every time. 

One of the best parts of working with brands that you know and love, is meeting the people behind them. This is a rare opportunity we get to enjoy, since we are part of the production. Scien & Klor (123Klan) are the perfect example of two great people and a great brand. You can get the new 'Spartan' TEE (and alot more!) off their website