Brooklyn Street Art. Ben Eine & some Sweet Toof

Now that we've finally been able to get things in order (sort of), and things are pretty much back to normal (work, work, work), I finally get to finish our 'NYC Return Blog'! 

In 'Part 1' of this blog we mentioned how the trip was a total success, and we've been feeling the effects ever since we got back! We've been in contact with many NYC artists and fans, and if you haven't yet heard back from us, it's coming! I promise we'll email you back very soon! 

Although most of the trip was spent at the Station16 Fountain Fair booth during Armory Week, we still managed to check out some great street art, visit SCOPE, and get a FAILE studio visit! Needless to say, we really got the most out of this NYC trip, and we hardly got any sleep. Enjoy the photos!

Happy Birthday Martha Cooper! The Bowery Mural Project

Scope. Cameo by Alan Ganev. 

Scope. Damien Hirst 7000.00$ Skull print.

Scope. Work by Clay Sinclair (Woolff Gallery)

NYC street Art by Jordan Seiler

Faile Studio visit! From Left to Right, Emily Robertson (Dimension Plus), Patrick McNeil (Faile), Patrick Miller (Faile), Adam Vieira (Station16), Carlo De Luca (Station16) & Alan Ganev (Artist).

EnMasse Mural in progress in Brooklyn.