It seems as though everything slows down in Montreal at the peak of winter. The cold gets into your bones and puts you in a slow motion state. I'm sure that is why our summers (and any big city with a harsh winter eg. NYC) are legendary. Things definitely come alive as everything warms up, and with spring right around the corner, I can already feel the energy in our shop. We been hustling and bustling like mad that last two weeks, and it seems we're not the only ones! Read on below for an update on some upcoming events!

We started the year off with print release with Canadian artist Troy Lovegates (aka. OTHER), then a solo show opening / wood print release with Jason Botkin at LNDMRK (contact them for information on what's left). We opened our hearts to MissMe this month, and if you haven't yet heard we are currently working with MTL graffiti legend OMEN on a very special print. We also have a number of many other great artists from all over the world lined up, so be sure to check with us regularly, and if you haven't yet subscribed to our newsletter... how else will you find out! 

Nuit Blanche happens March 2nd, and we'll be printing live for Art Souterraine at Centre de Commerce Mondial in Montreal. 

And Fountain Fair in NYC starts March 7th, so we'll have all the news of whats happening in the contemporary art world during Armoury Week.

All for now, have a great weekend, and enjoy not freezing!