Troy LoveGates: Print of the Month 2013

Station 16

Troy Lovegates (photo © Jaime Rojo) via BSA

Today marks our first 'Print of the Month' for 2013. To mark the occasion, we felt that this print release needed to be special. So we selected one of our current favourite street artists, Troy Lovegates (aka. Other). This self-taught Canadian born artist has his roots in dark alleys and painting on trains for over 25 years. Traveling the world, showing paintings, drawing and prints. Troy is inspired by things falling apart, rather than coming together and his work is a dense layering of patterns.  

We are excited to be releasing a limited edition silkscreen with him, and hopefully more to come! The sale of this print will also help fund Troy Lovegates flight to South Africa, where he will be taking part in a mural paint residency (there's that 'extra special' we were looking for!). 

(photo courtsey of vandalog)

The print will be a 20x20 inch edition of 50, it comes out on WEDNESDAY January 23rd at NOON. We'll be updating our Facebook and Twitter with pictures and sneak peaks of this addition up to it's release date... so stay tuned!