Like the wrapping paper? its a CEASE & Station16 creation, and available all week at the POP-UP SHOP (address below)

Tonight is the opening of LNDMRK & Station16 team-up to bring you one last event before the new year. This POP-UP Shop is going to be a treasure trove of goodies! This team-up has brought in the best urban brands in MTL, along with the best urban art names the city has to offer, no matter what your looking for they've got it ; toys, clothing, books, posters, art, stickers and more! 123KLAN, BORO, and FAKE have all jumped in, adding to the greatness of this event. 

To add to the fun, we decided to feature a special artist at this event, Mr. Antoine Tavaglione! He created a large mural and a special edition tee just for the shop! Antoine Tavaglione is one of our strongest artists to date, this guys brush/pen does not stop, we are eager to see what he does in 2013! 

When we asked Antoine if he'd create a tee with us for this Xmas extravaganza, we also asked him for a short interview, to get a closer look into this artists world.


Antoine Tavaglione Russian X-MAS Tee, available tonight at the POP-UP Shop (address below)

Tell us a little about this 't-shirt' design you created in collaboration with Station 16...
1- I created this Tshirt for station16 with the theme of Christmas in mind, but a little less conventional than merely a Holiday illustration, rather an interpretation of an old Soviet Milky Xmas. The hint of the holiday spirit is subtally there, just need to look past the dripping boy and the flames.

It's been a busy year for you, what fuels you to keep creating?
2- I am freely doing what I love day in and day applying my signature touch for top-tier brands and clients on many platforms. I am now collaborating with agencies, working on visual identity and branding for commercial spaces, and designing Tava products and product for clients all while still creating Fine art. No stone is left unturned. 

Can you share some of your plans for upcoming events or special projects?
3- I predict that 2013 is going to be a very busy year, I will have a solo show in Montreal, a Tava pop-up shop in Toronto and a solo show in Miami and many interesting collaborations with top-tier brands. I also have some commercial spaces in the works that consist of visual identity work.

Favorite item in your studio?
3- My Keith Haring stackable wooden characters

Do you think there is a Santa Claus? 
4-No. I believe in La Befana

Any special Christmas plans?
5- Eat lots of Italian home cooked Food!

Mural in progress at the POP-UP shop.

The XMAS POP-UP SHOP at the LNDMRK Gallery : 550 avenue beaumont, Montreal, Quebec H3N1V1