Within our day to day functions, we meet a lot of interesting people here at Station 16. Artists, designers, brand builders, entrepreneurs, and fans from all over have visited the shop from the day we opened our doors. One of those encounters was with a young documentary film photographer named Cebe Loomis. Cebe visited our shop because of her interest in some of our 'Street Artist' print editions, an interest that has been fuelling her academic career. For the last few years Cebe Loomis has been traveling abroad studying the various dynamic street art movements shaping countries' political histories. 

    We've since kept in touch with Cebe, and we asked her if she'd consider creating a 'guest blog post' from some of her writing about street art and her travels. She agreed! So enjoy this lengthier than usual blog post, and you can check out more of Cebe's photography on her Blog : inmyyesterday.blogspot.ca

Cebe Loomis is currently a Senior Anthropology major at Vassar College in New York. She hopes to dedicate her career to further exploring the power of anthropological photography as a form of art activism.