As previously announced, all this month we'll be selling some 'Movember' inspired prints to raise money and bring awareness to Men's Health problems and prostate cancer. Already online and going fast are 5 one-color prints, silkscreened by hand and signed and numbered. Two of these prints were created by Artist's 'Stikki Peaches' and 'WIA'. The other three were thought up by our in-house graphic artists (also very cool!), proceeds will go straight to our own Movember Team (which you can all join or donate straight too!). 

These prints are all sized at 17x17 inches and look awesome together! And at 25.00$ each, that's a hell of a deal.

If you'd like to see these babies up close, then we'd like to cordially invite you to our little Movember event happening on November 14th at the Burgundy Lion in downtown Montreal. Yesterday we introduced the prints for the first time at the new 109 Louvain store, and we sold 10 prints! The prints will also be made available at the Burgundy Lion on November 14th starting at 8pm, so bring Credit or Cash and donate to a good cause! 

Burgundy Lion Event HERE. 

Movember Prints HERE.

'Suite On Seventh' Store located at 109 Louvain