INSA 'Girls on Bicycles' project

LNDMRK, a new company with a focus on the visual arts and the beautification of spaces, public or private, joins forces with the Yves Laroche Gallery in a brand new space: Projet Beaumont. Set in the heart of the Parc Extension neighborhood, this creative haven is used as headquarters as well as a gallery and meeting ground.

Their first project launches August 28th, with London based artist INSA. A prominent figure in the art world today, his women on heels are sex symbols of a lavish and unsustainable lifestyle. His installations are always finely crafted hyper-real works, contrasting consumerism & sexual desire. There will be no rest for this artist during his time in our city, with preparation for the show, a Mont-Royal Mural still in progress (picture below), a special installation project with Ballroom Bar on St- Laurent, and lastly a very limited print project with Station 16!

MTL INSA Mural on Mont-Royal

We are very excited to be working on a print project with INSA & LNDMRK. The Print will come in a number of colour variations, but will be in very small editions, making it extra limited. But we aren't holding back on the quality, using 100% Cotton Paper, we'll be experimenting with inks all week to bring you all our finest print release yet! The prints will be made available at the LNDMRK Launch on August 28th, following the show Station 16 will be releasing another version of the print Online, for those who missed the show. 

Here's the Facebook Event link, and we'll see you all at the Gallery!

INSA 'Girls on Bicycles'

INSA Heels, taken from his online store.