Along with our new print release's, we wanted to give people a further look into the new artists we feature every month! So from now on, every-time we release a new print with an artist, we'll be posting a short interview with them, or some extra info on the new print, sort of like the Special-Features on a dvd.  

So to start us off, this month our PTM (print of the month) is Stikki Peaches, a very elusive and private MTL street artist, famous for his wheat pastes, and growing in international fame, due largely to the popular iphone photo-app 'Instagram'. For your reading pleasure...

Station16: In this day and age, why create art? 
Stikki Peaches: Why not? There`s so much negativity in this day and age already, why not create art that adds positivity. Like it or not, it doesn`t hurt anybody.

S16: What influences your artistic production?
SP: Mainly popculture and the people in my everyday life.

S16: Out of your entire production, which piece do you feel best represents your aesthetic identity?
SP: I would have to say the entire halfsies series. Each piece is a mash up of different identities, kind of like how i feel at times. I really think everyone struggles with who they are, even though you can be happy and satisfied with who you are, don`t you wish sometimes you can be Hulk Hogan and Queen Elizabeth at the same time? Having people bow down to you while you give them the big leg drop from the top turnbuckle. Ya i have a few different identities i happily struggle with.

S16: What exactly is a street artist?
SP: I`m not sure, today anyone can be a street artist it seems, so i`ve come to the conclusion that i`m more of a ``public artist`` because i put out art for the public to see. Makes a lot more sense to me this way.

S16: In your opinion, is conveying a social message through art a trend or a necessity?
SP:  its definitley more of a necessity. I put out my art because of the meaning it has for me. I started this love affair with the street because of a personal battle i was faced with, to cope, and to heal, and now its become a passion i can`t let go of, that and the fact that every time i see a potential wall space, i get really horny!

S16: Could you explain your pasting technique to us?
SP: Spot location, move fast, climb higher, paste faster and make like Ushain Bolt if you need to bail. Besides that you gotta have silky smooth hand movements when caressing that wall with stikki juices, 50 shades of grey eat your heart out.
S16: How does the public respond to your street work?
SP: Surprisingly very well, my pieces are works that make me laugh while i`m creating them. The fact that someone else gets my humor or gets my message makes me happy like a kid discovering his first boner. For real! I remember that day. I was 4!

S16: Have you done your Street art in other cities besides Montreal? 
SP: So far Toronto, Berlin and Stockholm, i`m leaving for London and Paris soon and plan on stikking it to them. Where i get this stuff sometimes i really don`t know.

S16: Do you plan ahead what you’ll be pasting?
SP: Most of the time. It`s like math, minus all the complicated formulas. If i see a specific space and invision a certain piece to fill the space, then i`ll plan it accordingly. Might take a few days or sometimes a few weeks to plan. Other times i`ll just have my pieces with me most of the time and i`ll see a spot and put one up with no planning. Those are the drive by postings. 
S16: How much does location and context influence your work?
SP: Location is always key, higher risk, higher visibility, with that, the context is always something that people can assocoiate with. So it definitley influences my work to be able to claim such a spot.

S16: What’s next for Stikki Peaches?
SP:Tonight i plan on having a tuna steak, lightly seared on both sides, with a balsamic vingegar reduction, some crispy asparagus, a perfectly chilled white wine, and some lemon pie for desert. Besides that, i live in the moment. Tomorrow hasn`t been planned yet. But just keep your eyes peeled. ;)