Summer is in full swing, and Station 16 is taking part in some of the summer fests going on. Just for laughs is on for another week, which means you can check out a comedy show and if your hungry the first ever JFL Souk Market is on with tons of food trucks, live art and other stands to check out. The banners we created for them are up, and there are some cool painted structures by WIA, Alan Ganev, and Labrona tho name a few. You can also check out 'Les Nuit D'Afrique", up the street from the Souk. 

Also going on is the Fantasia Film Festival, and there Poster Art feature " If They Came From Within: An Alternative History of Canadian Horror Movies". We check out the opening on Friday, along with tons of other people. Lots of great posters, and if you take the time to read each posters synopsis, they sound like they could have been great movies too! Some of the Art is actually from movies that never got made, like the zombie poster below. The artists for the poster is unknown, but the art is awesome! Is that Peggy's Cove? 


               WIA's "Cabane à Sang" Poster               Cinepix Conecpt Art (now Lionsgate)