It seems like we meet someone new and interesting at Station 16 all the time, and this week was no different! Meeting Mr. Sign was so memorable, we had to Blog about it! Dave Arnold (aka. Mr. Sign) is a traditional sign painter, with exceptional creativity and talent. He came by Station 16 to print some large one colour negatives of an old woman for a personal project (can't wait to see what he does with these!). It was only after we got to talking that I realized the extent of his resume, and that he has painted some of Montreal's hottest foodie spots! Joe Beef, Grumman 78', Sparrow, Lawrence, Nora Grey, just to name a few! He is a great artist and we'll definitely be calling upon him soon, check out his WEBSITE and FACEBOOK for more photos of his work.

My personal favourite has to be the this large bunny painted on a sheet of metal. Dave told us he made this for the office of a gaming company, that wanted to fill their wall with some art. After painting it, Dave brought it up north, where he and friends began unloading on it with shotguns. An awesome piece for any gaming office!