The Montreal Mirror came out with there annual 'Best of Montreal' readers poll for 2012 this week. And excitedly enough, EnMasse made the front cover as Montreal's #2 graffiti crew pick! There popularity continues to grow and their projects keep pilling up! Keep an eye on these cats, they are not slowing down. You Can check out there first Silkscreen print on our site in the EnMasse section!

On another note, Jason Botkin (EnMasse co-founder) and Antoine Tavaglione (EnMasse member) collaborated on a large painting just last night, for the inauguration of the boutique École Militaire on st-Dominique.

10 X 10 feet on wood, acrylic.

Funny story, after they were done painting, the store could not put it in their shop, it did not fit through the front door. But someone else was interested in the piece anyway, so they headed over to his place to drop it off. Once we got to the clients condo... it didn't fit through his entrance door either! So then we had to pull out the screw drivers and disassemble the whole thing in the middle of the street. After breaking a few screwdrivers, bumps and bruises.... it all worked out :)

You can find some of Antoine Tavaglione's work on our site as well. 

Photos: courtesy of Yani Loafa