Print of the Month - Rupert Bottenberg

Station 16


Rupert Bottenberg (co-director of the EnMasse project) just launched his new book called "TRAUMSTADTDENKEN", a collection of comics and images by the artist. He came into our shop to create some limited edition prints to go along with the book launch, and we thought it would be a great selection for our May edition of PRINT OF THE MONTH

The process Rupert used is called Rubylith, an old technique that was used in silkscreen printing to mask areas of a design and create the sharpest edges (this was before adobe illustrator hit everybody's desktop). He mapped out his design, cut the film by hand, and we developed and printed it in black on off white heavyset paper.  

Rupert then went on to paint each of the 45 PRINTS by HAND, using water-colour paints. Everyone is different and really detailed. They are all signed, stamped and numbered. We ship them out as a draw, so every order is a surprise. The print measures out at 18x15 inches and makes a great addition to anyones wall. Check out the video for more on the process!