Congratulations Rachel Valente !!!

You won the limited edition screen print 'Canadian Mustache' by MTL Street artist, WhatisAdam

Please contact us via to claim your prize !


Station16 as well came out a Winner at the NYC Fountain Art Fair...

The works created by our talented Montreal Street and Pop artists brought the Station a ton of attention. We were well received by New York collectors, artists and galleries alike !


There was a mural created by EnMasse and Station16 presented a  'Maple Sizzurp' wall by WhatisAdam.

Since then, Station16 has appeared in numerous blogs and articles...Here are just a few...

 Leslie Koch from Downtown Traveler writes "Unlike the stuffier Armory Show, the Fountain Fair is known for showing avant-garde work by emerging artists. Street artists dominated the show this year, filling the Fountain’s new venue– the cavernous Armory building– with giant murals, a graffiti-covered van, prints and posters representing their work on the streets" read more


This is what Daniel Feral from 12ozProphet had to say "Station16 was another stand out booth for street artists, because they were exhibiting two prints by Labrona the freight painter. see blog 


Arts.Observer editor posted the following : NEW YORK—The Fountain Art Fair featured cutting-edge work from international exhibitors—many from Brooklyn participated, there was a silk screen shop from Montreal, and a contingent from more


And finally a Blog that mentions Celine Dion and Station16 in the same paragraph !!??..LOL


Many THANKS to the Fountain Art Fair, the EnMasse crew, Alan Ganev (CEASE) , WhatisAdam and to ALL the new friends we made in New York City !!



Today is the 16th of the Month, which means we launch our PRINT OF THE MONTH !

Check out EarthCrushers, "BIG BUSINESS" screen print. This Edition of 16 is signed and numbered by the artist. A one color screen print with detailed half tones on linen paper measure 15.5" x 19.5" and priced at only $50 bucks ! Get it while it lasts !


Originally stated only for sale at the Fountain Art Fair in NYC,  The Velt  (glow in the dark) screen print by Fred Caron is now available for purchase on line. We have received numerous requests to make this print available in Montreal we've convinced the artist to release the few units left and make it availble on line for a limited time only.


(The image on the left is the print in daylight , where as the image on the right is the print when it glows in the dark !)