This Saturday February 25th (starting at 6pm), Montrealers will have the opportunity to visit a number of spaces and venues during "Nuit Blanche", a night that celebrates the arts during "Montréal en Lumière", as well as a night where the public can ride the Montreal Metro (STM) all night... for free! And this year Station16 will be showcasing work in the 'A à C' project, an artistic project by CEASE, ArtTV, Quebecor, & Art Souterrain

    This project is actually connected by two spaces, the first is the ArtTV gallery space located in Place-des-Arts where Station16 will be displaying some our original works, there will be drinks and a 'special' object for all! The second is at the Centre de Commerce Mondial (CCM) de Montréal, where people who have visited the ArtTV space and obtained the 'special' object can exchange it at CCM for free art! Check out both spaces for the full experience and witness what we've been up to in the shop. You can actually VOTE for the A to C project and show us some love. 

Check out links to info about the entire night: (CEASE FB event) (Montréal en Lumiere) (VOTE for 'A to C' project)