Behind the scenes at Station16 shop in Montreal, Canada

Station 16

We are a passionate textile and paper screen printing company located in Montreal, Canada. We have gone MAD for Street and Pop art not only from Montreal but from an international scale and decided to set up an ART STUDIO which focuses on producing screen print multiples for artists. 

With over 20 years of experience in the textile screen print business,  we open our doors to artist from all over and invite them to come create limited edition screen print multiples. Prints are for sale through our online platform and at our shop on Rue de Louvain in Montreal, Canada. Prints can be shipped to Canada, US and anywhere in the world.  All prints are limited edition and signed by the artists.

In Montreal we dedicate a work area for artists to experiment with different print techniques. Many of the artists online come to our store to create their works. Below is an overview of how these limited edition prints are made:

-The artist creates and draws his design onto paper.  We welcome artists to work in our studio space.

-The artwork is scanned into computer where the artist works with a graphic artist to color separate image and size the art

-Artwork is outputted onto transparent films

-Image from film is exposed to a screen using a light table. Every color is exposed to its own screen. A five color screen print requires  5 screens..

-We rinse out the exposed imaged burned onto screen and let dry

-Screen is now ready to be set up onto machine and printed.

-Once paper is printed, they are placed on a shelving rack to air dry. 

-Once dry, Artist signs and numbers the edition and voila – limited edition prints available for sale online.



The machines available in our store in Montreal include:

-MHM 14 color / 16 STATIONS...hence the name STATION 16

-10 color Challenger

-10 color manual press

-8 color manual press

Artist interested in collaborating with Station16 by selling their limited print editions online or getting an introduction to our store in Montreal are welcomed to contact us via email :