Last week, we opened Everything but the Whole Story, a solo show featuring the work of the street artist, Joe Iurato. Working exclusively with wooden cut-outs, Iurato places his creations in the streets, often interacting with their surroundings in playful and inventive ways, and then documents the installation with a photograph. While Iurato has worked across the globe, he has never exhibited his woodcuts indoors, and our invitation to exhibit at the gallery presented a unique challenge to the artist. Iurato incorporated his woodcuts into the space seamlessly. His presentation extends beyond the typical art exhibition of framed works displayed perfectly at eye level. You can spot his cut-outs hanging from the ceiling, peeking around corners, and climbing onto counters. The exhibition also features the photography of Iurato, demonstrating the street contexts in which his woodcuts have previously been found.
Swedish Fisherman
Everything But The Whole Story
Fade Away
Everything But The Whole Story
Tout Sauf
The Pilot
Everything But The Whole Story
Lonesome Whistle Call
Never Let Go
Salo Roof
The Song Won't Write Itself
Le Mini
While in Montreal, we asked Joe to be the second artist to take on Le Mini, and did he ever! Joe's concept for the mural thinks outside the box (literally) and engages with its environment in a manner consistent to the artist's practice. The mural is the ideal entrance to the exhibition found inside the gallery, as it encapsulates Iurato's interactive and imaginative style. Everything but the Whole Story will be on exhibit until October 15th. If you cannot swing by the gallery to catch the incredible show, you can check out select works here.