Station 16 Gallery is excited to present Nothing Exists, a solo show by the Los Angeles-based art collective, Cyrcle. Exploring notions of religion, science, and duality, Nothing Exists is Cyrcle's first gallery show of the year to exhibit their latest body of work. I was thrilled to chat with the guys of Cyrcle a bit about their background and new show.

 In Between the Line, a recent mural by Cyrcle in Manilla, Philippines (photo by Cyrcle)  

The last time you guys were in Montreal was for the 2014 MURAL Festival, for which you painted a mural. Welcome back! Can you tell me about your last visit to Montreal?

It was an amazing experience. Being our first time in the city, we had so much new stimulus. The pollen floating through the air was like being in some surreal wonderland. There is a unique worldly/cultural influence that we found refreshing. People from all over the world make up the population, much like LA. Also, getting to see our friends and fellow artists from all over in one place made the visit special for sure. We are excited to return to our new family and the squeaky cheese.

Basic question, but how did you choose the name, Cyrcle?

There are two answers to this question. One is that we had tried and failed to create a collective in the past called THE FEAR, two of us Devin and Davey hit rock bottom in our lives and came back together with Rabi to form a new collective. We came full circle...hence, the name CYRCLE. Additionally, the name itself is symbolic of the shape and its mythology as the ouroboros, the snake which eats its tail. It represents self sufficiency and total completeness. It needs only what it has, and has only what it needs. 

Typography, communication, punctuation...these are very important to your work. What role do these elements of language have in your work?

Language is the great communicator. Art can often be misinterpreted, therefore we use words to help paint the picture. Typography is an art form. Punctuation is the stroke of the brush. The use of words and the poetry is the composition.


What is your creative process? How does working as a team affect the development of an idea into execution?

Everything starts with a concept. This concept drives the aesthetic. We visit the central Los Angeles library and research for several days. We collect imagery and information to help inform our work. We then design and create a process board from which we choose final designs to execute. Whether a mural or a sculpture, it all begins from this process.

Cyrcle's studio (photo by theonepointeight)
  Cyrcle's studio (photo by theonepointeight)

I love the varying mediums with which you work. How does the medium affect the story behind the work and/or vice versa? What preferences/challenges do you have with particular mediums?

We love exploring new mediums; however, they always present a problem for which we solve in the process. The medium often affects the concept or vice versa. For example we used pumice to create exo-planetary terrain landscapes and phosphoresce to mimic the glow of the moon. We often utilize current technology to create works, such as cnc mills and laser etching machines to compose a juxtaposition between the machine and the hand.

Cyrcle's studio (photo by theonepointeight)

"Nothing Exists" explores rather complex themes, but in a vague manner. I imagine this relates to the title, but can you speak more to the ideas behind the exhibition?

The title is meant to be poetic, a piece of art in itself. It is meant to be thoroughly examined, dissected and discussed. Our interpretation is quite simple: nothing is something. What that something is, is up to the witness and the daring. For example we believe that we never die and that we return to the stars from which we came, hence the piece "star dust." We are part of an infinitely large and complex fabric of existence. We are everything and nothing. We are matter within dark matter/energy. We occupy space and the space in between. Our energy moves as liquid from one form to the next, from here to the deepest pockets of the fathomable universe, hence the piece "never alone".

Star Dust by Cyrcle

 Recent mural by Cyrcle in Brooklyn, NY (photo by Cyrcle)


Station 16 Gallery invites you to join us at the opening reception of Nothing Exists on June 4th at 6pm. The exhibition will run through July 4th, 2015.