Armoury Week 2014

Station 16

March is right around the corner, which for us means our yearly trip to the big apple for another year of Armoury Week! From March 7th - 9th, Station16 will be returning to New York City and presenting works at Fountain Fair for the third year in a row! Armoury Week always brings us a fresh look at what others are doing, and any reason to visit NYC is a good one!



Besides using this trip to touch base with some of our New York based artists, we'll also be showcasing a new series for the first time ever. We've contacted all of our artists, and requested an original 16 x 16 inch art piece (above left: OMEN, above right: LABRONA) specifically to be shown at Fountain Fair this year! This will make for a really clean and diverse presentation. If you've been following our instagram or Facebook, then you've been getting a few teaser's of what to come on this wall. We'll also be traveling with a bunch of new prints never before shown. If you're in NYC on those dates, be sure to drop by and say hi! For the rest, keep checking out our instagram for what's happening at Armoury week 2014.