Station 16 Gallery X Montréal Canadiens: Game 3 - Alan Ganev

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Alan Ganev



This limited-edition silkscreen print by Alan Ganev was created to celebrate the Montréal Canadiens’ 110th anniversary and commemorates the November 9, 2019, game against the Los Angeles Kings.


  • 20” x 26” 
  • Edition of 110
  • Signed and numbered by artist
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Hand-pulled silkscreen print on archival paper
  • Unframed
  • Édition Samedi Limité


To commemorate the November 9th game against the Los Angeles Kings, classically trained artist Alan Ganev drew inspiration from both teams by juxtaposing urban culture and traditional fine art.


“Tagger” expresses the playfulness of their rivalry through the reactive fusion of opposite forces, the porcelain figurine of a king dueling with energetic lines of urban expression. The exciting merging of art forms, classical heritage with present practices, unites the delicate and the raw, giving birth to a new kind of poetry.


Signed and numbered by the artist, the third artwork resulting from this collaboration captures the fighting spirit of day-to-day personal battles while honoring the spontaneity of a story that unfolds with every game.



Alan Ganev is a Toronto-based visual artist born in Costa Rica. Ganev has a passion for muralism and urban culture. His recent studio work explored a variety of media including collage, silkscreening, neon, sculpture and photography.

Ganev’s passion for muralism and urban culture has guided him to work on murals with the EN MASSE collective in New York City during Armory Arts Week as well as in Miami during Art Basel. Most recently, the artist completed private murals for WeWork, W Hotels, and the William Gray Hotel. In 2017, Ganev presented his second solo exhibition at Station 16 Gallery titled The Fall. The Fall brought together an impressive range of works.

This exhibition marked a departure for Ganev from his previous series titled Mundo des Quixotes, which explored concepts of security and protection, pushing the limits of his subject matter and art-making process. With The Fall Ganev takes his signature toy soldiers and spray-painted porcelain figurines from literal to the poetic, moving from flat surfaces to the three-dimensional. The Fall captures a romantic journey that ultimately came to an end.